Platinum Preferred Training Program

At Platinum Preferred Financial Group we have developed an innovative business model for ambitious, goal oriented people to succeed in the trillion-dollar lending industry. Through our training and guidance, we will provide you with everything an inspiring entrepreneur needs to market, employ, and empower your own highly profitable company, from the development of your very own custom website equipped with our loan tracking system all the way down to custom business cards with your very own custom logo.

Platinum’s services include the following:

  • Commercial Lending
  • Residential Mortgages
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Credit Repair Business
  • Personal & Business Tax Prep
  • Custom Website and Rapid Response Processing Technology
  • Custom Business Cards
  • Custom logo
  • Integrated Business Phone Number
  • Training Manuals
  • Access to over 200 Industry Related Webinars (live and/or recorded)
  • 20 Hour Required NMLS Online Course for Mortgage Licensing
  • Industry Related Leads Provided
  • One on One Training and Coaching

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How It Works:

At Platinum Preferred Financial Group we have developed an innovative model for ambitious, business minded people to succeed in a trillion-dollar finance industry. With our training and guidance, we will provide you with everything an aspiring entrepreneur needs to market, employ, and empower your own business, from the development of your very own custom website and loan tracking system all the way down to custom business cards with your very own logo. Here are the FIVE revenue streams that come with our program:

Credit Repair Business – We train and certify you to run your own highly profitable credit repair business.

Merchant Services – Providing businesses with payment solutions while you earn money on every transaction. Includes merchant cash advance loans with the potential to earn up to 25 percent commission (MCA), and MCA leads provided for no additional cost.

Residential & Commercial Mortgages – The ability to provide residential and commercial mortgage loans throughout all 50 States. We provide training for you to become a licensed loan officer and earn up to 50% commission on every transaction. Lifetime training and coaching included.
Business Services – Ability to provide your clients with unparalleled technology services, includes the following products:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • CMS
  • eCommerce Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Internet Marketing
  • CAD Services

Personal and Business Tax Prep– Earn a commission by simply referring a client (to one of our CPA’s) in need of any and all business or personal tax services. Commissions vary depending on the service provided.

Why us:

The Trained individuals at Platinum Preferred Financial Group are a team of industry leading consultants, who specialize in the business of finance.

Platinum Preferred offers a one stop shop for all current and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for capital. As well as those who are seeking funding for all real estate ventures. We also offer a variety of business services, from a small business loan to a multi-million-dollar commercial real estate loan, or a first-time home owner loan all the way to a reverse mortgage.

Simply, we are your direct link to our exclusive network of financial institutions.

  • No Experience Necessary
  • Work Full or Part Time from Home or On the Go

Take Control of Your Financial Future TODAY!

Looking to be your own boss? Tired of the same 9-5 job? Want to finally realize your full potential? Look no further, your opportunity is right in front of you! Our business is not a franchise, therefore there are no on-going fees or royalties after your one-time purchase! At Platinum Preferred Financial Group……. The Sky is The Limit!!!

You Can Start Having An Incredible Lifestyle This Month?

Imagine how different your life could be as the owner of your own finance company. You’ll never have to report to a boss, never have to operate on somebody else’s schedule, never have to negotiate a long rush hour commute to the office or ask for corporate approval to make business decisions.

Your Time is Your Own

You’ll take vacations when you want and as often as you want. In fact the great thing about “our low overhead model” is that most of the business you do will be over your cell phone so you can make more money than most of your friends while enjoying yourself at a resort poolside.

Make As Much As You Want

Best yet, you will never have to settle for simple cost of living salary increases or hear “you should be grateful you have a job” because how much you make in the commercial finance business is completely up to you. There is no limit! Finance is a trillion dollar industry and it’s common knowledge that if you want to make a great income finance is the place to be!

The Impact Of This Lifestyle Change

You’ll quickly discover the huge impact that being the owner of your own finance company will have on your quality of life. You control your schedule, which can be extremely flexible. You work right from home, so you can forget about negotiating a commute everyday and sitting in rush hour traffic.
You’ll be able to spend those precious hours with your family. Having a home-based business also means you don’t have to worry about all the issues like overhead, rent, and maintenance that are involved in running an outside office.
You decide how many hours to work. You can choose to work full- or part-time, with or without a partner—it’s all within your control. Best of all, you have control over the amount of money you make based on the amount of time you choose to work.

As the owner of your own finance company, you can “Make money and enjoy an incredible lifestyle.”

A Step by Step Plan of Action

We understand that change does not come by accident or easily… at least real substantive positive change. So we spend a great deal of time providing you with a step by step guide to follow once your education is completed. You’ll know what to do day one and you will have all the tools necessary to accomplish your goal of achieving a great Quality of Life!